Sharp Pocket Computer character sets

Ici, on fait dans le petit, le LCD qui déchire sa race, on y cause même calculatrices quand on est en manque !

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Sharp Pocket Computer character sets

Message par engelen » 10 déc. 2021 17:35

Hi Pocket Computer enthusiasts!

Over the past few years I've used the Wikipedia page "Sharp Pocket Computer character sets" to get the characters and Unicode code point for various Sharp Pocket Computers. I found this very useful information. I'm grateful that many contributed to this page over the years: ... acter_sets

I wonder what you think of the following change made by a Wikipedia user who changed the tables from this (before):
before.png (61.3 Kio) Consulté 1993 fois
to this (after):
after.png (25.86 Kio) Consulté 1993 fois
Note that the Unicode code point information is lost and some characters like 0xB0 U+2591 (LIGHT SHADE) now look incorrect to me.

The change was reverted back to the original table (with the Unicode code points) on Wikipedia. The same person also edited the Casio character sets, but those are also reverted back to the original after his edits (you can see his change by viewing the page history with the "new table format" ... 1058539608 versus the original ... acter_sets).

But what do you think? Do you consider the proposed change to simplify the table an improvement?

- Rob


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