Great News !!!

Ici, on fait dans le petit, le LCD qui déchire sa race, on y cause même calculatrices quand on est en manque !

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Great News !!!

Message par hp41cx » 09 févr. 2015 23:15

I have posed my Initial Beta of HP85 Disk emulator using an AVR and
MicroSD card
Schematics included
I am spending all my time currently the documentation
I will be hosting this on github in the near future
What it does:
Emulates an AMIGO floppy ( address 700)
SS80 disk (address 710)
Plotter - captures plot data (720)
All three at the same time!
While my project can emulate more then one device at once I have yet to
add UNIT support - however the code does track the unit assignments
I tested this on an a HP85a (with either A or B series ROMs) and an
HP54645D scope)

I find that using Samsung PRO Micro SD cards avoids a write timeout
issue with some SD CARDS
(very occasionally a write can take over 100ms - when the device
internally updates an entire flash block - typically writes take 2 to 4ms)
(It is the small block random IO specs that matter and not the large
block write specs most cards advertise)

The project was bult on Ubuntu Linux using AVR GCC and avrlibc - it
would be very easy to port this to Windows using the Windows ports of
the same GCC tools and avrlibc

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