WTF ? ricolo ce truc

Apple 1, ][, //, IIGS ou /// et 4

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WTF ? ricolo ce truc

Message par francoisp31 » 13 mars 2018 20:24

pas mal mais a tester en live :)

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Recognise this Apple II? Or do you recognise the Raspberry Pi within? Or both? This is David Schmenk's Apple II Pi project - a small and simple board, open sourced, which lets you plug a Pi into one of the Apple II's famous expansion slots. At which point, all sorts of possibilities open up: from simple file sharing and networking, to internet connectivity, to running a GS emulator on the Pi controlled by the Apple II keyboard.
"What is the point of the Apple II Pi?
To be able to use Apple II hardware in a more modern environment... Just as GS/OS brought a functional 16-bit GUI to the Apple IIgs (with 8-bit compatibility for Apple II programs), Apple II Pi brings an up-to-date 32-bit GUI and OS to the Apple II (with 8-bit and 16-bit compatibility by way of the GSport emulator)."

There's a video here:

See also the A2CLOUD and A2SERVER projects, and the unpronounceable RasppleII distribution for the Pi: ... C-JularURb
ssh debile@stupide.local "docker run -it docker/cowsay \"fortune | cowsay\" "



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